I also added them to the other photoset (for context because honestly this makes no sense out of context) ——> [X]

A text post oh my

I scrolled through my activity and saw some retags and errrrr…

I had mixed feelings about Armin BECAUSE HE LOOKS VERY YOUNG and that’s something that makes me uncomfortable but whatever he’s just a bunch of lines. But putting Reiner and not Bert was a lazy move so I decided to draw them today (way too late, I didn’t know I’d get 6000 notes holy shit) so I’ll probably add them to the photoset tomorrow. 

End of the cool story.


Anonymous asked: Ooh ever considered size difference pairings but the little one is the super dominant one? Like Armin/Bertholdt and Reiner/Connoe?

Connoeing is a cool sport.

*cough* sorry…

I don’t know about Armin/Bertholdt but I actually like Reiner/Connie and I kinda like the idea of dom!connie so I’ll put it on my to-draw list just in case! 

Collab - colored by Raichus lines by me
Her part of the collab here

Collab - colored by Raichus lines by me

Her part of the collab here

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12 hours later I realize that only Erwin has nipples

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Anonymous asked: your style is really great !! but, I don't know why I love to see Levi in pain D: and now thanks to some of your posts I kinda ship kenny/levi adhjsf it's embarrassing to admit, but maybe I just found out I'm a sadist ¿¿? anyway, thanks for sharing your art :)!!

Thank you! I’ve been way too nice too him lately I should draw him stepping on a lego or something.

Okay so I woke up in the middle of the night and I remembered this video and then subsequently that video and oh god forgive me this is the worst idea I’ve had in years.

I’m gonna regret tagging this.


Edit: added Armin(what have I done) and Bertholdt —-> [X]

Bodyguard Ymir telling her queen about last night’s brawl at the tavern. “And then he tried to kick me in the balls.”

Don’t look at me I’m lame…

Full size [X]

Today is doodle day.
I drew titan eren in a latex bikini. 

Today is doodle day.

I drew titan eren in a latex bikini. 

default album art
Giant Drag · Hearts And Unicorns
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I imagine hanji would be into kinky shit idk

Have some implied Hanji/Levi (I kinda ship it sometimes, when I’m in the mood) 

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Nothing will ever beat that dorito bag I should stop drawing.

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If I ever post something nice involving this guy it’s probably to feel better about myself. I AM NOT NICE I swear no one on earth is sorrier than I am right now. 

Thank you sir for helping me with the suit.

I’m trying to draw some erwin/levi

but I just can’t seem to get the sizes right

I’m sure no one else wants to see this but me (I’m just really into silly drunk crossdressing okay)

I’m proud of that bag of chips though.

Also pixel art is a pain in the ass because I have to crop it to make it 500px wide for tumblr so

full size here ——-> [X]

Hi, this blog is very NSFW

I occasionally draw gore/guro so don't follow me if you don't like this kind of stuff.

I try to tag everything though.